Help save your rural community is pleased to announce that the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is finalizing a November 2021 draft Preliminary Feasibility Study that recommends advancing Concept C1, only, for further study. Concept C1 would upgrade the existing U.S. 23 corridor through Delaware County by  (1) adding / modifying interchanges, (2) limiting access to the modified roadway through the corridor through the use of service roads, and (3) adding additional through lanes.

This concept is the onlyconcept that does not involve building a new bypass highway through rural, undeveloped portions of Delaware County. According to the draft Preliminary Feasibility Study, prepared by MS Consultants, Inc., for ODOT:
“Concept C1 is expected to provide the greatest benefits in relation to the primary and secondary needs. Concept C1 is projected to:
 Improve travel times for through traffic
 Improve travel time reliability for through traffic
 Provide the greatest congestion relief for local traffic on U.S. 23
 Provide the greatest safety benefits – for both through and local traffic
 Divert the most traffic and trucks from other roadways, in particular S.R. 37 in the City of Delaware and S.R. 315
 Provide the greatest overall reduction in travel delays to the Central Ohio region
 Provide flexibility to divide the project into 10 – 30 buildable units with independent utility
 Have a cost similar to other concepts that met project need elements
 Have right-of-way impacts similar to other concepts that met project need elements
 Have lower or similar impacts to natural and community resources as other concepts that met project need elements”

In addition to the benefits described in the draft Preliminary Feasibility Study, the advancement of Concept C1 is also consistent with ODOT’s U.S. 23 Access Management Plan, adopted in August of 2002, whose goal was to preserve the throughway capacity and safety of the U.S. 23 corridor in Delaware County by improving and maintaining the existing efficiency of the roadway system by relieving or preventing congestion. Although the Preliminary Feasibility Study is not a final decision and all other concepts may still be considered, it is encouraging that ODOT and its consultants (1) recognize the history of this corridor, (2) are acting consistent with its previous plans and studies related to U.S. 23, and (3) are considering the consistent input from local residents and leaders to address and resolve the existing issues with U.S. 23 by actually fixing U.S. 23. fully supports Concept C1 and is hopeful that Concept C1 will continue to be fully advanced by ODOT so that the public may learn additional details about what
upgrades and modifications would be required to fully implement Concept C1. will continue to closely monitor the progression of the Route 23 Connect Study in its efforts to preserve prime farmland and the integrity of our rural communities.
A copy of the draft Preliminary Feasibility Study dated November 2021, without appendices, is provided at the below link.

Contact officials and let them know your stance on the proposed highway and show your support for option C1 to improve existing US 23 by clicking the following button to recive contact details for your local government officials.


Welcome to This organization's concerns and commitments are to preserve the prime agricultural and rural integrity of this beautiful community. We are working to stop a proposed freeway from being constructed in rural Delaware county. The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is seeking to reduce the congestion on route 23. Several of the proposed concepts to accomplish this would impact many farmers and rural residents of northern Delaware County. As an alternative, we support ODOT proposal C-1 (see map below), which provides numerous upgrades to the congested areas of US 23 between Delaware and I-270. This improvement would allow existing businesses more pass-through traffic and save the rural community.

ODOT is seeking your input and opinion on how you feel. We believe it is critical to provide your input at the website below by 12/13/21, which ODOT has established.


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